Apple Bundle Giveaway – Laura Gregg

Apple Bundle Giveaway - Laura Gregg!


We couldn't be happier to have Laura Gregg from Salford, Greater Manchester as our first ever winner with lucky number 116 for our Apple Bundle Giveaway. We hand delivered Laura's prize and it was great to meet her and have a chat.

Laura tells us she is an NHS Nurse working in an Intensive Care Unit in Manchester and we are so happy to give something back to one of our NHS heroes! After all it's Laura and people like her who have worked tirelessly to save the lives of our friends, family and loved ones struggling through this pandemic we all find ourselves in. Without the help of our NHS heroes like Laura where would any of us be?

 We are so glad we could hand deliver Laura's Apple Bundle and meet her in person to say a massive thank you. Keep up the great work Laura and enjoy your new prizes, it's well and truly deserved!

Apple Bundle
iPhone 12 + Airpods Pro + iPad Pro + Series 6 Apple Watch
Winning ticket #
Laura Gregg

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