Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

At Lucky4U Competitions, we respect your privacy, we are committed to
protecting your personal data.
If/when you are asked to provide us with your information when making use of our website and
features, it will only be used in the methods mentioned to follow.


We collect personal information, which is voluntarily provided to us by you, i.e., your name,
address, contact information, passwords and security data, payment information and social
media login data. Your age is verified using an automated age review, ensuring that you are of
age and able to make use of the services that we provide.
Collecting this data helps us in understanding what our consumers would like to see from us,
which helps and enables us to deliver the service, products, and experience that you expect when
participating in a Lucky4U Competition.


  • Internal records
  • Improving our product & service
  • Contacting you
  • Customising the website towards you
  • Promotional emails
  • Promotional mailing
  • Phone calls
  • Market research


A Cookie is a small file placed on the hard drive of your computer – it enables our website to
identify your computer as you browse our site. Cookies allow websites and applications to store
your preferences, in order to present content, options or functions that are specific towards you
and your experience with us. As well as this, it enables us in knowing how many active users that
view our site on a daily basis and which pages are the most popular.


Analysing our web traffic – helping us to improve the structure, functions, design, and
content within our site.
 Identify if you are signed into our site – a cookie allows for us to check if you are signed
into the site.

Privacy Policy Lucky4U Competitions

  • Test content advertised on our website. Store information in relation to your preferences – making us able to present relevant and interesting information to you.
  • To recognise when you return to the site – being able to show you content which you viewed recently or content we believe may be more relevant towards you, your preferences, and interests.
  • Cookies do not provide or grant us with information about or access to your computer or any additional information about you – other than what you offer to us on a voluntary basis.


You can determine how our website uses Cookies by adjusting your browser’s Cookie
settings. If you do not wish for our site to collect and store cookies on your computer or
mobile device, you should adjust your web browser’s settings to refuse the use of
Cookies. Adjusting your browser’s settings to refuse the use of Cookies may affect how our site functions for you – some services and webpages may become unavailable


We will never lease, distribute, or sell personal information about you, obtained through
the use of Cookies, to third parties. *unless we have your permission, or the law requires
for us to do so. Any personal information of yours held is stored and processed under
our data protection policy – in line with the General Data Protection Regulations, 2016.


Your information will always be held securely.